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Issue 5 : December 1982

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Procedures - Paul Beverley

As soon as I discovered procedures on the BBC micro I vowed I'd never use a GOSUB again. Procedures are a bit like subroutines, except more powerful and versatile. But after I had played with procedures for a while, I discovered functions - multi-line ones at that - and began to wonder why BBC Basic bothered with GOSUB at all. I suppose that if they had not implemented GOSUBs then it would not have been compatible with other versions of Basic - but who defines what is standard? It is my contention that procedures and functions would more than compensate for the loss of GOSUBs and would allow a bit of space within the 16k which Basic occupies to put in the WHILE ... ENDWHILE structure we were lead to expect would be implemented.
This article is featured in Qercus 280 together with a piece from Paul Beverley about writing for Acorn User back in the early 80s.

The original article is shown in full here in AP Online. Qercus 280 includes a modified version in a modern setting. Try typing in the listings on a BBC B like the one used by Paul - or on a modern RISC OS machine.

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