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Issue 2 : September 1982

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Acorn on show
Personal computer exhibition in London's Barbican Centre.
Latest from the BBC
Telesoftware and the User Guide.
Business - John Turnbull and John Gordon
The BBC can play a useful role.
BBC or Spectrum - Paul Beverley
An unbiased review of the pros and cons. More ...
NEC 30 Hour Basic - Richard Freeman
What the course is and how it came about.
Art on Screen - Brian Reffin Smith
BRS leads the way ad hands out some ideas.
Hints and Tips - Joe Telford
JT conducts the sound of music from his keyboard.
Atom in action
Disk pack commands. BBC Basic conversion board.
Bugged by ULAs - Andy Hopper
AH explains how these chips go wrong.
Teletext graphics - Paul Carpenter and Graham Field
Find out how to save memory.
Machine code graphics II - John Shaw and Anthony Ferguson
JS & AF continue their probe.
Schools - Ian Carpneter and Pam Fiddy
IC plugs analogue in. PF on teachers problems.
Puzzles - Simon Dally
Prize teaser.
User Groups
Atom graph fitting
Dealer list

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