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Issue 115 : February 1992

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Next Month
BETT Show Preview
What to see and where to go at the Bett show.
The A To Z Of Programming
An alphabetic guide to programming on the Beeb.
Assembly Line
The first part of our new tutorial series on assembly language.
Stepping Up
Everything you ever wanted to know about spreadsheets.
Get The Doodle Bug - Ian Wilson
Sharing programming experiences.
Second Hand Arcs
We investigate the pros and cons of the secondhand market.
Painting By Numbers
Lyapunov fractals for the graphically minded.
Yellow Pages
Game Show
Micro Studio
Take some practical music lessons from a Midi-based program.
We look at a painting package, designed to inspire young minds
Anyone For Squash?
Out of space? Compare the performance of two leading space-savers.
Colour Printing
High quality colour printing from Hewlett-Packard.
Win an Arm 3 upgrade from Watford Electronics.
Desk Editor
Is it worth buying an alternative to Edit? We look at a new editor.
Touch Screens
Let your fingers do the walking! We test the latest touch screens.
Revelation 2
What's new in the Revelation update.
Puzzle Page

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