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Issue 122 : September 1992

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Graphics Column
Comms Column
Enter Eureka
Have Arc spreadsheets come of age?
Modern Art - Peter Worrall
Can computer art become respectable? Peter Worrall thinks so.
Next Month
Free Ads
The easy way to buy or sell your hardware and software.
Word Power
Decorative test in a jiffy with Midnight Express.
BAU Program Section
Absolute Beginners
If you've never typed a line of Basic in your life - here's the place to start.
Wired Up For Sound
The last in our popular series on Arc sound features a complete synthesiser.
An excursion into chaos, and a high-powered scientific calculator.
Assembly Line
More help with the byzantine workings of the Arm chip.
Pieces Of Eight
Not one, but two vast and wonderful games for the BBC micro.
Yellow Pages
A bumper crop of quality-tested programs for you to key in.
Moving On
A day out at the multimedia zoo with the Dictionary of the Living World.
Short Sharp SCSI
The Small Computer Systems Interface turns up everywhere, but what is it?
Prime Time
How to make teaching maths less of a chore.
Acorn's chipmakers go from strength, and now they're taking on the world.
Net Gains
The first in a new series that sheds light on the mystery of computer networks.
Game Show
At last, Populous on the Arc, plus reviews of Revelation and Saloon Cars Deluxe.
Questions And Answers
Technical conundrums unscrambled while you wait.
Over to you: your views on the Acorn world.

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