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Issue 150 : Christmas 1994

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The latest from the Acorn World.
Jack Kreindler looks at digital video.
David Dade talks to the Antipodes.
Steve Powell on EPS.
Public Domain
Shareware with Paul Wheatley.
Alex Singleton talks networks.
Geoff Preston on Chemistry.
Cover Disc
Game Show
What's coming in the New Year.
You have your say.
Club corner
Chris Jackson visits Australia.
Next month
Free ads
The subscribers' pages
The Moxon interview
Mike Romyn.
C for yourself
More on pointers.
Questions and answers
Your problems solved.
Acorn customer hotline
Exclusive advice from Acorn.
And now, a flying radish...
The next generation
We look at ProArt24.
Games reviews
Sim City 2000 and other releases.
In brief
Three short reviews.
Page the oracle
The CC/Design IT teletext card.
X rated software
The X-server from Gnome.
Homeworks Sheet
A fully-featured spreadsheet on disc.
Digital video
The past, present and future of MPEG.
Knowing your Ps and Qs
Impression vs Quark vs Pagemaker.
Scan this
Choosing the right colour scanner.
Flashback diary
Dave Lawrence finishes his story.
Special needs: hardware
Hardware for those with special needs.
Special needs: Information overload
A plea to CD-ROM developers.
Special needs: speech
Making your computer speak to you.
The key to winning
10 copies of Keystroke must be won.

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