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Issue 192 : March 1998

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Find out all that's new in the Acorn world.
The Acorn Internet gallery.
Fidonet - the other network.
Public Domain
New of a fantastic arcade-puzzle game plus all the latest.
PC Page
Software discoveries at BETT.
Cover disc
Details of all that's on the cover discs.
Free ads
Pick up a bargain.
Game Show
News from Artex and Wizard Apprentice reviewed.
Back issues
Get the missing ones before it's to late.
A chance for you, the reader, to air your views.
The Regan Files
Find out all about Dave Walker from Acorn.
More reader contributions to keep you entertained.
Rambles through Acorn Wood
Mike Cook tackles more of your problems.
Run the Risc
Mike Cook feels the force.
C for yourself
Aborting jobs and entering the printing loop.
Education Editorial
News of BBC Education and NCET multimedia awards launch.
On screen blocks
New ways to view Teletext.
File your facts
Datapower 2 - the new relational database.
Success stories
Find out how Sibelius Software have got where they are today.
Wide range of resources
Second part of our series on the !Boot structure.
The art of Artworks - part 2
Learn how to create realistic material effects.
The light from the dark
The next part in our series on advanced graphics.
Kozzey's coffee shop
Find out about the free Java compiler - Guavac.

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