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Issue 194 : May 1998

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Find out all that's new in the Acorn world.
The latest about Ovation Pro.
V.90 - the new modem standard.
Public Domain
Fly high with Comanche.
PC page
Tune in on your PC card.
Music and Audio
News on Sibelius's successor.
Cover disc
Details of all that's on the cover discs.
Free Ads
Pick up a bargain.
Back issues
Complete your Acorn User collection.
A chance for you, the reader, to air your views.
The Regan Files
Andrew Rawnsley of R-Comp Interactive.
More reader contributions to keep you entertained.
Run the Risc
The invisible data link - part 1.
C for yourself
Methods of plotting Draw elements to screen.
Rambles through Acorn Wood
Mike Cook tackles more of your problems.
Education Editorial
Get up to date on educational matters.
Take a second look
Three useful educational resources.
Spreading the news
Two mail and news readers reviewed.
Back to back
Double-sided printing made easy.
Five's alive
Software for the Psion 5.
Squeeze it in
Compression programs compared.
The easy answer to RAM shortage.
A budget, easy to use comms terminal package.
Glares and flares
The next part in our series on advanced graphics.
Acorns over Egypt
An A4 in the desert.
Art of Artworks - part 4
Last part in the series.

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