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Issue 199 : October 1998

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Five pages of up to the minute news.
Public Domain
A graphical chat with Devine Nature.
On Net behaviour.
A page packed full of news.
The rise of e-mail.
Cover disc
Details of all that's on the cover disc.
Acorn World
All the latest news about the show.
Game show
Syndicate - RCI's latest conversion.
Free Ads
Second hand bargains for you.
Back issues
Complete your collection while stocks last.
Tell us how you feel about all things Acorn.
The Regan Files
All you ever wanted to know about Gareth Owen...
Nonsensical results and another challenge.
Run the Risc
Mike takes control.
C for yourself
Construction of a label printing app.
Rambles through Acorn Wood
Mike Cook tramples more Acorn related ground.
Educational Editorial
Get up to date on educational matters.
A bird's eye view
Britain from a different perspective.
I'll have a B please
Discover a content-free tool for improving literacy.
Steam radio with pictures
How to send pictures through the air.
It's becoming clearer now..
Another approach to multimedia creation.
Top marks
Get to grips with the Penulator.
A blast from the past
We try out a new version of Frak.
At your service
Another selection of products to liven up your desktop.
make it pay
A new invoice package from Raspsoft.
Isle be the designer
A knitting program from iSV.
The Liberator
How RISC OS has prolonged the life of a British institution.
Relatively speaking
Creating and using relational databases.
A history of RISC
We complete the story so far.
Secret life
More tips for successful Internet use.

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