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Issue 243 : February 2002

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The latest news from the world of RISC OS and power computing.
New deal from British Telecom could see affordable ADSL for RISC OS users.
We continue our series on Web graphics, this month reviewing Vantage.
Public Domain - Paul Vigay
Paul takes a look at the latest developments in the PD scene.
In-depth report from BETT 2002.
Hints and Tips
Your technical problems solved.
Free Ads
Excellent bargains on second-user equipment or sell your old computer.
Your views on RISC OS, Acorn User and the general world of computing.
Odyssey Internet
We put Castle's feature packed Internet computer through its paces.
Win a marvellous optical mouse worth £80 from RiscStation.
Cerilica Insignia
Comprehensive review of the latest package from graphics supremos Cerilica.
*commands - David Llewelyn-Jones
David continues his in-depth tutorial on *commands.
Good Web Design - Philip Gilbert
Philip points you in the right direction for good web design.
Detailed tutorial on this powerful database language.
Gadgets - Philip Gilbert
Philip gets cinema surround sound in his bedroom.
Whose desktop is it this month?

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