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Issue 246 : May 2002

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The latest news from the world of RISC OS and power computing.
Comms - David Dade
David reports on the very latest in comms technology for RISC OS.
In need of that special graphic? Find out where on the Web you can get it.
Public Domain - Paul Vigay
Paul looks at the very latest in encryption techniques and much more.
Artworks revived - Martin Wuerthner
Martin explains how he came to take over the development of this classic.
Font sets
Discover how to select the very best fonts without needing to collect them all.
EFF Competition
Your chance to win a host of fonts from the very best typographic selection.
Wakefield Show
One of the most important shows of the year is almost upon us - what's in store?
Dr Wimp investigates
If you can program in BASIC but have feared to explore the Wimp, the Doctor provides the medicine you need.
S-Base - Steve Turnbull
Steve continues his detailed investigation of how to make the most of this amazing programming package.
Education - Pam Turnbull
Free resources? Pam finds the Web sites that will help you plan your school trip this term.
Whose desktop is it this month?
Stay up to date with Acorn User.
Free Ads
Find out what you can get for very little.
Find out what others think about the most important RISC OS issues.

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