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Issue 250 : September 2002

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The latest news from the world of RISC OS and power computing.
Comms - David Dade
Find out the latest in the world of RISC OS comms.
You've got your logo now how about creating the stationery to go with it?
Omega is nigh
It has been a long wait, now it may be time for the Omega to appear, at last.
From TLAs to FLAs, what can ADSL do for you and what on earth is VISP?
Topologika Competition
There is a whole pile of software to be won in this great competition from Topologika.
Bright ideas
There is no question that RISC OS is the best GUI but how could it be made better?
Castle Network Card
Following on from last month we look at the new Castle network card.
Getting yourself known
Start of an informal look at how you can get your name known on the web.
S-Base programming
More on programming in S-Base, getting even more of the basic blocks in action.
Who does the latest mystery desktop belong to?
Free ads
This is the place to come for all the bargains you want in RISC OS products.
Even more information about how USB works and how you can use it.
Dr Wimp
Really basic Basic programming with the Wimp skeleton that's easy to use.
Don't miss out on future issues of your great RISC OS magazine.
Education News
All the latest news about the RISC OS and education market.
Education Feature
Where did all the History software go?
Find out what others think about the most important RISC OS issues.

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