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Issue 253 : December 2002

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The latest news from the world of RISC OS and power computing.
Find out the latest in the world of RISC OS comms from David Dade.
Making the move
Upgrading software to 32-bit won't be too hard.
OS comparison
Looking at the difference between RISC OS and Windows.
Web Hosting
Find out what the words mean and how it applies to you and your business.
Web marketing
It's the latest thing but is it hype or valuable.
Don't miss out on your copy of Acorn User make sure your subscription is up to date.
The very latest in our regular series on USB, what more is there to know?
More on programming using S-Base this time focussing on card validation.
Education News
All the latest news abou the RISC OS and education market.
Education Feature
What music software can you get to run with RISC OS?
Find out what others think about the most important RISC OS issues.

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