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Issue 255 : January 2003

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The latest news from the world of RISC OS and power computing.
Graphics - Nigel gatherer
A detailed look at DTP.
Iyonix PC Preview - Mike Cook
The new RISC OS computer and what it's capable of.
USB - Mike Cook
Mike Cook returns to Acorn User with a venegence taking on the details of USB and beginning the explanation of how to really get under its skin.
RISC OS and Windows
We continue our detailed look comparing the relative strengths and weaknesses of these two operating systems, the one that dominates the world and the one that dominates our thoughts.
Prime X-Ample
Acorn in the Netherlands has a big following, one of the dealers talks about his service and future.
What does the development of the Iyonix mean for the market as a whole?
Web Hosting
What are the decisions a business needs to make about Internet Services?
Don't miss out on your copy of Acorn User make sure your subscription is up to date.
More on the developing media application created in this database language.
Education News
All the latest news abou the RISC OS and education market.
Education Review
Planning takes up a lot of time, what web services will make it easier?
Find out what others think about the most important RISC OS issues.

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