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Issue 260 : June 2003

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The latest news from the world of RISC OS and power computing.
How to design for the real world.
Show Review
Who, what, where, when and why at Wakefield.
Virtual Call Centre
Killer App for the world of busines on RISC OS.
Digital Video
Is it really true that RISC OS can't do it?
It's the latest thing but is it hype or valuable.
Final installment in which the refinements are made and are all at the best.
Learning to use computers if you are a teacher.
Education News
All the latest news abou the RISC OS and education market.
Education Feature
Software: develop educational software for RISC OS, this is the whole set.
Get your copy of Acorn User before the shops!
Free Ads
Get what you need at a cheaper price from other RISC OS users.
Find out what others think about the most important RISC OS issues.
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