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Issue 267 : Christmas 2003

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The latest news from the world of RISC OS and power computing.
Graphics - Nigel Gatherer
Take a little time to examine what we do with our eyes when we are not wathcing the TV.
Virtual RPC machines
We do a bit of a Computer Shopper and look at the whole PC running RISC OS option now open to us.
How to buy
Are you going to be using credit cards this Christmas? We look at whats coming in the future both on and offline.
Security - Nat Queen
In the final part of the series
Slightly Qercky
With the sale of Acorn User there are quite a few changes in store for readers.
USB Hard drives
We compare and contrast three completely different big USB hard drives and examine the options for using them.
A final round up of the options you can see at the forthcoming show plus the latest education news.
We review a recent book on British technology and how it has succeeded.

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