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Issue 44 : March 1986

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Hints and tips - Martin Phillips
How discs store data and presents a disc mode editor.
First Byte - Tessie Revivis
How to go about getting an article printed in Acorn User.
Master Work - Bruce Smith More...
Bruce conducts a revealing in depth examination of the micro at the heart of Acorn's new series - the Master 128 - and looks at its first upgrade board - the Turbo co-processor .
Listen to the Music
A must for anyone learning music - or just use it for fun. Colin Atkins' Tunemaker program allows you to enter music on an on-screen stave and hear it played back.
Sideways Storage - Mike Rawlins
You don't need an expensive second processor to be able to run long programs in your micro - moving variables, text and subroutines to sideways RAM is the answer.
The Last Detail - Mike Williams
Mikes' pixel editor listing magnifies an area of the screen to help you refine your graphics down to the smallest detail and bring a professional finish to your graphics screens.
6502 Special
Extend the powerful HiBasic assembler in the 6502 second processor with Martin Chaplin's listings - plus you can also learn about the Master's new assembler instructions.
Business News
All the latest information for users of Acorn computers in business.
Star Commands in CP/M - Alistair Birch
Alistair's patch offers a sleek and simple solution to using star commands in CP/M.
Education News - Nick Evans
What's new in the world of micros in the classroom.
Adventurous Authoring - Chris Drage and Nick Evans
The educational value of adventure game generators.
Games reviews
Monopoly from Leisure Genius; Silversoft's Bored of the Rings; Enthar Seven by Robico; Micro Power's Dr Who and the Mines of Terror; Yie Ar Kung Fu by Imagine and Alligator's Olympic Decathlon.
PMS 64K RAM Module - Simon Williams
Simon looks at a free-standing easy to use extension to the Beeb's memory.
Memoco Robotic Arm
This fascinating device is a good introduction to serious robotics says Richard Sargent.
AMX Super Art - Jonathan Inglis
An introduction to the updated graphics package for the AMX mouse.
A Logical Language - Joe Telford
Acornsoft's MicroProlog, geared to artificial intelligence comes under scrutiny.
Book reviews
Creative Sound; Mastering Music; Using Sound and Speech on the BBC Micro; Writing Educational programs.
Practicalc II spreadsheet package and Mupados Recorder Tutor.
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