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Issue 57 : April 1987

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Hints and Tips - Martin Phillips
The vexed question of indirection operators.
First Byte - Tessie Revivis
Sideways RAM in the various micros.
Digital Duet - David Acton
Guest editor David on Autumn, a new standard for transferring music between BBC micros.
Tunes Two - David Lawrence
Tunemaker was one of our most popular programs ever. David has designed an improved version.
Amply Along - Bob Cornford-Wood
Another first: Bob presents his own composition in the Ample language of Music 500 and 5000.
As Long as you Like - John Knight
If your spreadsheets are two wide for your printer, try John's novel means of printing them sideways.
Sprightly Spritely - David Atherton
The series on the Compact continues with sprite design using the pointer software.
Games Reviews
The Last of the Free, Quest for Freedom, Goal and Vindaloo.
The Games Page
New releases, high scores and clever dodges.
Hardware Review
The Micro-Voice can recognise as well as synthesise speech.
Games Reviews
Two educational adventure projects.
Hardware Review
Slogger's Master RAM board boosts the Electron, but not always.
Games Reviews
The two multi user adventures: all trolls together.
Software Reviews
Easy disc and ROM organisation with Menu Master: cheap but useful.
Business Survey - Roger Carus
Roger looks at the range of business uses for a BBC micro.
Software Review
A package to enhance greatly the management of small hotels.
Education News
The latest for Acorns in schools and colleges.
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Acorn Forum
Sideways RAM offers
Yellow Pages
ROM offers
Utilities/Help discs
Favourite tape/disc
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