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Issue 64 : November 1987

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Hints and Tips
Wordprocessing advice, using daisy-wheel printers and screen dumps.
First Byte - Tessie Revivis
Tessie continues her look at the CALL statement.
Light Reading - Joe Telford
Joe describes how to build a software toolkit, taking a set of photographer's utilities as an example.
Choose Your Words Wisely - Phillip Trinham
Phillip has developed a menu system for Wordwise Plus that speeds setting up.
The Recursion Version - Nick Wetherby
What is recursion? Nick explains and shows how it can be used with the quicksort technique.
The Big Macro - Graham Bell
View limits you to 132 characters in a macro. Graham shows you how to get around this problem.
Inside Interbase - Bruce Smith
Bruce has been looking forward to reviewing Interbase - was it worth the wait?
The Games Page
This month's arcade and adventure news.
Games Reviews
Spy vs Spy, Crazee Rider and Palace of Magic reviewed.
Software - Marc de Weger
Halcien is a new graphics orientated language. Marc assesses it.
Software Review - Steve Mansfield
More new languages: MicroCodil.
Hardware Review
Epson's LQ-800 challenges daisy-wheels for quality.
Education News
The latest from the world of education.
Press Baron Pupils - Chris Drage and Nick Evans
Desktop publishing in the classroom.
Taking the Strain - Roger Carus
Roger describes how readers put the BBC micro to work.
Family History
A look at the background to Acornsoft's View Professional.
The Compatibility Question
Your experiences with the Master 512.
Win an Arc
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