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Issue 101 : December 1990

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Education - Lisa Hughes
Acorn PC
Questions And Answers
Acorn Customer Hotline
Risc Revue - Dave Acton
Eight Bits - David Atherton
Wired Up - Peter Haynes
Plug into this shocking program for the Archimedes and the BBC A3000. It will make all your circuits live and demonstrate the 'life' of electrons.
Drawing Attention - James Richards
More to add to your Picpac graphics package.
amaDIEus - Ian Waugh
You can bet this program is a winner with music fans.
A-Z Of Graphics - Rob Miller
The jargon of graphics gets a busting.
Hack A Stack - Jason O'Broin
More Arm programming on your Archimedes.
Head Count - Chris Drage
Summing up what IT can offer the Maths National Curriculum.
Addressing The Problem - Dave Lawrence
Finding those essential details from the desktop.
Making Connections - Chris Drage
Connecting the Arc and A3000 to their peers.
Yellow Pages
Time Out - Dave Futcher
Getting the Timetabler in order.
Multivision Magic - Paul James
A personal vision of the new Taxan 795 colour monitor.
First Impressions - Graham Bell
The birth of a junior version of a popular DTP package.
Flexible Friends - Simon Williams
Bending your Acorn machine to suit PC needs.
Game Show
News, reviews and the best of 1990 in this five page special.
The Second Mission - Sam Greenhill
Flying high with the authors of Clare's Interdictor II.
Free Ads
Software Showcase
Advertisers Index
End User - Christina Neal
A study of the A3000 and its role in the British Library.

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