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Issue 98 : September 1990

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Show News
Essential background info about the 1990 BAU show.
Show Guide
Comms - David Janda
Education - Lisa Hughes
Music - Ian Waugh
Next Month In BAU
Questions And Answers
Acorn Customer Hotline
Risc Revue.
Risc Revue - Dave Acton
Eight Bits - David Atherton
Rays Of Seeing - Richard Browning
A high-powered program that shows how you can now ray trace reality to produce some of the most spectacular landscapes ever seen on the BBC micro and Archimedes.
Faster On The Draw - Chris Ruesman
Unleashing the Arc's powerful graphics routines.
May I Interrupt? - Jason O'Broin
Our Arm machine-code series looks at software interrupts.
Tests Of Character - David Knell
Recognising characters with image analysis.
Special Agent - Chris Drage
What can the Arc offer children with special needs?
Yellow Pages
Special Offers
Augmenting The Arc - Chris Drage
You can't have too much memory. We examine expansions.
A World Of Information - Dave Futcher
A look at the ultimate software atlas for the BBC micro.
The Third Wave - Graham Bell
Are direct-drive lasers the printers of the future?
Building Up The Beeb - Dave Futcher
The 512K add-on that turns your Beeb into a PC.
Cover To Cover
Books on computer addiction, speech improvement and DTP.
Game Show
A sportive look at the latest in Beeb and Arc games.
Designer Interiors - Fin Fahey
The Adventure Language Programming System.
Free Ads
Software Showcase
Advertisers' Index
Getting There - Christina Neal
British Rail networks the Master Compact.

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