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Issue 105 : April 1991

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PC Column
Questions And Answers
Risc Revue
Next Month
Eight Bits
The Word Is Out
If you have ever been puzzled by word games, we have just the program to help.
First Steps
Our series on using the A3000 continues with advice on using Paint.
Sheets Ahead
How spreadsheets play a role in data handling in schools.
Hat Trick
It's third time lucky for this exciting arcade game.
Pieces Of Eight
Our series on classic Beeb programs continues with an a-mazing program.
Telly Addicts
How the closedown of telesoftware broadcasting affects schools.
Yellow Pages
Program listings from this issue that you can key in yourself.
Meg-A 3000!
We look at three hard disc drive options to expand your A3000.
Reader Offers
Take advantage of our new subscription offer.
Artistic Revelation
Is Longman Logotron's new package the state-of-the-art?
Arnor's wordprocessing package, Protext, has just been released for the Arc.
Add Some Sparkle
If you are looking for an all-purpose control program, Sparkle could be it.
Full Scheme Ahead
Acorn's long-awaited spreadsheet package has finally arrived.
Archway To Success
Archway opens the window to writing your own applications on the Arc.
Waiting At The Terminal
Comms comes to terms with Risc OS.
Game Show
Our monthly round-up of the latest games.
Software Showcase
Advertisers' Index
End User
How the Arc is being used in navigational simulation.

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