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Issue 106 : May 1991

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Music Column
Questions And Answers
Subscription Offer
Risc Revue
Reader Survey
Next Month
Eight Bits
Battling RAM
Watch this fascinating program where the computer does battle with itself.
Configure It Out
Our series on using the A3000 continues with more advice on using Edit.
Picture This
How to view all your Arc sprite files at a glance.
Font Fantasy
A new program which shows you how to improve your 24-pin printouts.
New Wine From Old Bottles
No need to throw away your old wordprocessor - there's life in it yet.
Design Counsel
How computers are used to aid design in the National Curriculum.
Word Re-View
We delve into the archives to look at some popular View enhancements.
Soft Key Shuffle
How to overcome the problems associated with hard breaks.
Yellow Pages
Listings of all the programs in this issue for you to type in.
Symbolic Sums
A program that lets you import and solve those tricky equations.
Genesis 2
We check out the new version of this popular Archimedes software.
Pinned Down
Seven 24-pin printers are lined up for a full BAU assessment.
Top Of The Tree
Find out why the new Squirrel database has impressed us.
Game Show
Our monthly round-up of the latest games.
Software Showcase
Advertisers' Index
End User
Why one man users the Archimedes to study animal noises.

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