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Issue 111 : October 1991

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Next Month
Memory Slip
Watford's 8Mb upgrade revisited.
Questions And Answers
Our regular column of essential hints and tips for your eight and 32-bit micros.
BBC Acorn User Show Preview
Show time at BAU - who's there, what's there and where they are.
Getting Ideas
Let your ideas flow with BAU's own aid to creativity.
Character Building
Eight-bit screens can look beautiful too.
Managing The Micro
How to turn your classroom computer into a help, not a hindrance.
Science Challenge
Free Disc And Special Offer
Pieces Of Eight
Stepping Up
Yellow Pages
A peace dividend? How a defence simulator turned soft.
Scanned Goods
Four of the leading scanners scanned.
X Marks The Arc
Unix on an Arc? It can be done...
We look at two volumes that come to the aid of the perplexed Arc user.
Budget Software
Good software needn't cost - we look at some alternatives.
New Fonts For Old
Outlining a few additions to your Arc in the way of typefaces.
The Art Of The Matter
Computer generated art hits your micro.
Space Cadets
The BBC micro hits the final classroom frontier.
Game Show
Puzzle Page

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