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Issue 112 : November 1991

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Cover Disc
Totally FREE, a games demo spectacular - Lemmings and Chocks Away.
Questions And Answers
Our regular column of essential hints and tips for your eight and 32-bit micro.
Games Children Play
Far from being a distraction, classroom computer games can aid learning.
The A To Z Of Fonts
Baffled by DTP jargon? Try our guide to the field of fonts.
Stepping Up
Become and expert at using Acorn's DTP package.
Pieces Of Eight
Pythagorean trees, one-dimensional Life and more.
Menu Editor
Writing your own 32-bit application isn't hard.
Yellow Pages
The Small Print
We review the latest line-up of portable printers.
Free 32 Page Games Supplement
For fun and games galore, turn to our bumper supplement.
Screen Test
Teaching TV maths - with the help of an Archimedes.
Font Fitting
More tips on how to get the most our of your font manager.
Rayers Of The Fast Arc
Was ray tracing package Render Bender 2 worth the wait?
Christmas Cracker
ESM's popular Desktop Folio package is being customised for Christmas.
PC Of Cake
More PC power with the latest version of Acorn's emulator.
Game Preview
We look ahead to some of the gaming goodies, coming soon.
Game Show
This month's entertainments examined in depth.
Puzzle Page

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