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Issue 118 : May 1992

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Questions And Answers
The Trojan Mouse
A decade of the BBC micro - we go behind the scenes of a TV celebration.
The BBC Micro Changed My Life
Three devotees recount their experiences.
A Living Legend
A historical look at the first ten years of Acorn computers.
Two schools tell of their transition into the age of the computer.
Family Tree
Our at-a-glance guide to the Acorn family.
Pieces Of Eight
Educational classics that no self-respecting Beeb owner should be without.
Arc Assembly
Free Ads
Yellow Pages
Hearsay 2
At last, the popular comms package joins the ranks of RISC OS applications.
DTP Books
All you ever wanted to know about DTP but were afraid to ask.
PC Card
We test out the first PC card for the Archimedes.
Presenter GTI
A well-known chart application goes for the upgrade treatment.
Chameleon 2
Scanlight Professional
The latest mono scanner from Computer Concepts put through its paces.
A5000 Memory
Even A5000 owners get the urge to upgrade. We show you how it's done.
Acorn Tape
Free software and amazing discounts. Just listen in!
Games Show
Puzzle Page

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