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Issue 119 : June 1992

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Questions And Answers
Problems solved and questions answered.
Cover Disc
Load up our free demo disc and find out what Pipedream 4 has to offer.
Arc vs Mac And PC
We pit the Archimedes against some stiff opposition.
Stepping Up
How to get the best out of Impression - a step by step guide.
Arc Assembly
The next installment of our series on assembly language.
Tips, programs and programmer's advice.
C For Yourself
The first of a new series on the high-flier of programming languages.
Wired Up For Sound
Are you making the most of sound on the Archimedes.
Free Ads
Hardware, software: get your bargains here!
Yellow Pages
Type 'em in and load 'em up, courtesy of yellow pages.
Puzzle Page
We look at two digitisers to use with your Archimedes.
Micro Trader
A new integrated business solution is put to the test.
Find out all about the new video titling system from Clares.
Junior Pinpoint
A junior version of Pinpoint put through its educational paces.
Homeward Bound
The three Rs of education covered in a suite of home-based programs.
Arcol Desktop
Arcol is brought up to date with a new desktop version.
Check out Aliped, Pesky Muskrats and Grievous Bodily 'Arm.
Next Month
More points of view from your fellow readers.

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