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Issue 120 : July 1992

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Graphics Column
Comms Column
The Complete DTP System
Complete our survey and you could win a fabulous DTP system.
To The Printers
Professional printing is within your reach - follow our step by step guide.
DTP Training
Get to grips with DTP, courtesy of a Minerva-based training course.
Win A Digitiser
Ten digitisers from HCCS to win in our exclusive competition.
Small Ads
Desktop Thesaurus
Searching for that elusive word? We review a desktop thesaurus.
BAU Program Section
Wired Up For Sound
This month harmony, pitch and volume come under your control.
Struggling with windows? We check out an application that makes it easy.
C Programming
Introducing Timely, the desktop application to sort out your life.
Puzzle Page
Arc Assembly
Yellow Pages
Special Needs
Replay V Quicktime
Who is leading the way in desktop video technology?
Podule Expansion
We look at the latest way to boost your A3000 expansion capability.
Word Processors
Plain text without the frills? Take a look at some likely candidates.
Disc Rescue Kit
Recover those lost files and broken directories with a new disc editor.
Game Show
Dreadnoughts, Nebulus and much, much more.
Next Month
Questions And Answers
Over to you: your views on the Acorn world.

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