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Issue 164 : January 1996

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Acorns Netsurfer project.
Fractal drawing with Montage.
Two pages of PD news.
Arcade becomes a WWW site.
Stop scrapfile proliferation.
Cover disc and CD-ROM
Details of the TopModel demo.
What you, our readers, think.
Back issues
Catch up on what you've missed.
Subscribers's page
Special deals for subscribers.
The Regan Files
Jim Daniels of Pineapple.
Run the RISC
Fun and games with a joypad.
C Tutorial
More about the WIMP.
Questions and answers
Hints and tips galore.
Customer Hotline
The fast track to Acorn.
Dave and Dave and Jan and Jan.
BETT again
The stands to watch out for.
RISC OS just resting?
CD-ROM round-up
Three pages of the latest CD-ROMs.
Smudging the results
Science with a spaniel.
The faster 486 card from Aleph One.
Reading PC CDs
Microsoft and DK CD-Roms on RISC OS.
In Brief
ImageFS2 and the PC Survival Guide.
Sounding boards
Mixer boards for the Risc PC.
Games reviews
Cobalt Seed, Command Ship, Firstlore, Rick Dangerous and Land,Sea and Air.
CD-ROM deal
25% off an Eesox CD-ROM drive.
Hybrid machines
Mixing PCs and Acorns in one case.
Mark Moxon reports from Australia.
Virtual Design
Futuristic design on your Arc.
Online Media
What can this technology do?
Get Zynetted
Free Web space for schools.
IDG Books offer
Stock up your library.

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