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Issue 165 : February 1996

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Acorn's new BETT initiative.
Mystic Jack looks to the future.
Two pages of PD news.
Another issue another BBS.
Editing sound files.
Cover disc
A demo of Acorn's Resource editor.
What you, our readers, say.
Subscribers' page
Special deals for subscribers.
The Regan Files
Chris Cox, Clan Acorn's chieftain.
Run the RISC
Making a digital voltmeter.
Questions and Answers
Hints and tips galore.
C Tutorial
More about the WIMP and C.
Graphics, games and much more.
Active IT for all the Family
What you get from SuperChoice.
Programming in schools.
Make your own CD-ROM
The software and hardware required.
Calling mission control!
Crystal Rain Forest 2 from Sherston.
In brief reviews
Snaphappy and Popup cards.
Printing problems
Getting the best out of your printer.
Coughs and Sneezes
Viruses and virus killers.
Making it more solid
Three 3D packages reviewed.
Spotlight on...
Wordprocessors and DTP packages.
Audio CD player software
We compare two packages.
Interactive fiction.
A fairy tale success
Sibelius at the Royal Academy.
CD-ROM drive deal
25% off an Eesox CD-ROM drive.
To your Clan be true
What is Clan Acorn?
You can have SCSI too
Win an AlSystems SCSI card.
Squaring the circle
Diary of installing a PC card.
Get Zynetted
Free Web space for schools.
Internet innocents
Finding your way on the Net.
Striker's Run
Striker's Run author interviewed.

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