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Issue 166 : March 1996

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No limits to learning initiative.
Jack looks at DTP too.
Two pages of PD news.
Another issue, another BBS.
PC - Mike Buckingham
A new column.
Diary of a school network manager.
Cover disc
Alone in the Dark demo and more.
Back issues
Catch up on any you've missed.
What you, our readers, have to say.
Free ads
Bargain basement of Acorn goodies.
Subscribers' page
Special deals for subscribers.
The Regan Files
Jim Parry of Smart DTP.
Run the RISC
A realtime clock calibrator.
C Tutorial
More about the WIMP and C.
Questions and Answers - Mike Cook
Hints and tips.
Customer Hotline
The fast track to Acorn.
In Brief reviews
Learning to tell the time.
Talking books success in schools.
Make your own CD-ROM
Multimedia authoring packages.
Bitmap package roundup
Latest graphics packages reviewed.
Practical video editing?
Ins and outs of video editing.
Spotlight on...
Colour printers (inkjet and dot).
In brief reviews
ColourMobile scanner and ACross.
Games reviews
Adventure and games on the Web.
Disc doctor
Cures for hard disc problems.
I wrote that
Melvin Kline of Minerva Software.
Here is the news
Introducing Usenet news.

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