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Issue 167 : April 1996

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What's new in the Acorn world.
More about Photodesk 2.
BBS and Web sites for Acorn users.
Public Domain
Two pages of PD news.
Pocket Lab, MediaPad and more.
Mike Tompkinson takes over.
Cover disc
Swarm plus a glossary of computer abbreviations.
Game show
News, reviews and adventure games.
Free ads
Pick up a bargain.
Back issues
Hurry while stocks last!
Subscribers' page
Have AU delivered to your door.
Your chance to be heard.
The Regan Files
Aaron Timbrell of iSV.
Doodles, tunes, games and more.
Run the RISC
Inspiration from Bolton market.
C Tutorial
Window creation and filling.
Questions and Answers - Mike Cook
Hints and tips from Mike.
Primary Gold Award for CSH.
A pirate's life for me
Calabash pirates in the classroom.
Mini Motivators
Using the Pocketbook in school.
Alternative authoring
Alternative programs for multimedia authoring.
One machine, many users.
A different sort of backup.
Easy Wimp programming.
Money Manager
Personal finances for non-accountants.
Faster application access.
Making it easy for the youngsters.
The wizards of Oz
A visit to Acorn Australia.
In foreign parts
How to get accents right.
Printer survey
Tell us all about your printer.
Making the jigsaw advert
How the Atomwide ad was created.
I wrote that
Jason Tribbeck of VTi.

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