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Issue 168 : May 1996

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What's going on in the Acorn World.
PC Windows compatible software
BBS from Down Under.
Implications of the Apple and Acorn alliance.
A look at the PD scene.
DataPower upgrade.
Cover disc
Demo of Optical and the AU reader survey.
Game show
Troubleshooting, pogs, reviews and adventure.
Free ads
Pick up a bargain.
Back issues
Hurry while stocks last!
Subscribers' page
Have AU delivered to your door.
Your chance to be heard.
The Regan Files
Richenda Wood of Livewire PR.
Ancient Chinese puzzles, games and lots more.
Run the RISC
All lit up, the LED software.
C Tutorial
Menu creation from the iconbar.
Rambles through the Acorn Wood - Mike Cook
Hints and tips.
Acorn Advantage Programme.
Customer Hotline
!System: The Acorn Module list.
Wizard data handling
Merlin database reviewed.
Let's go with Lego
Lego in the classroom.
Make your won CD-ROM
Practical advice for multimedia authoring.
A round-up of the CDs available.
PC books reviewed
Read up on Windows '95.
Mathematical modelling
RLaB reviewed
Coypu review
A scatter and line graph plotter.
In brief
Atomwide keyboard encoder.
Surf's up!
A new special offer not to be missed.
What BBS
Everything you need to know about Bulletin Boards.
Making the connection
Internet technology explained.
Norfilms Media Computing
Details of a new media exhibition.
Exclusive software offer
Five VTi packages for only £39.

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