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Issue 169 : June 1996

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What's going on in the Acorn world.
Breaking the PC stranglehold.
Release of DaVinci 90.
New PD magazines and games.
DataView Pro, Storks and NewPads.
What Thunderbolt BBS has to offer.
Cover disc
Baka Chal! plus loads of freeware and careware.
Game Show
Old and new games revisited and reviewed.
Free ads
Bargains galore from you to you.
Back issues
Catch up on any you've missed.
Subscribers' page
Have AU delivered to your door.
Voice your very own views and opinions.
The Regan Files
Nigel Ward of YITM speaks out.
Shimmers, dots and vrids ...(vrids?).
The joy of games
Developing an analogue PC joystick interface.
C Tutorial
Building a WIMP library for faster programming.
Rambles through Acorn Wood - Mike Cook
Hints and tips.
Pen-pals using e-mail, or is that e-pals?
From the next gold
CD-ROM round-up for education.
A lesson in Logic
Logic gates and counters review.
The graphical resource
Range of CD-based clip-art reviewed.
Educational clip-art
Useful clip-art for education.
Charm of trinket?
A look at the Charm language and compiler.
In brief
DrawWorks utility reviewed.
Are you ready?
Chromaburst ... the Acorn upgrade for Quasar.
The CHRP architecture
What it is and what it means to Acorn users.
How the West was drawn - Walter Briggs
A new series looking at art packages.

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