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Issue 170 : July 1996

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The new Net Surfer and Acorn on the up.
PC Page
Cards galore and much much more.
StrongARM - a must for graphics users.
The latest on the PD scene.
Mossoft, Dreamworld E.I.E and Tigger!
Linking up with a mobile phone.
Cover disc
Details of the CD-Rom and cover disc programs.
Game Show
Games out soon and more adventures.
Free ads
Pick up a bargain.
Back issues
Don't miss out - buy now while stocks last!
Subscribers' page
Get AU delivered to your door.
A chance to voice your opinions.
The Regan Files
Jim Irlam of Irlam Instruments.
Dave and Dave do it again.
Three legged heroes
Designing an intelligent Transistor Tester.
C Tutorial
Handling templates.
Rambles through Acorn Wood - Mike Cook
Mike helps out.
The usefulness of the Pocket Book.
Pocket Books in Education
Reviews of programs for the Pocket Book 2.
Running in harmony
A look at PC Exchange.
The multi-processor board on review.
Surfing the sound-waves
The PowerWave card blasting out.
The beat goes on
New features of Sibelius 7 version 3.
Jumping off the page
New series on how to create HTML pages.
How the West was drawn - Walter Briggs
Creating a picture using Photodesk.

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