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Issue 171 : August 1996

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What's going on in the Acorn World - now five pages.
Results of the Photodesk competition.
Catch up with the latest news on the PD scene.
Northern ARM BBS and more WWW sites to browse.
What's available for portable machines on the Net.
Business page
Getting the best from your Acorn in the business world.
Cover disc
Ridiculous Rhymes plus the usual goodies and fun stuff.
Game Show
News, hints and tips plus using maps in adventure games.
Free Ads
You may find just what you've always wanted.
Back issues
Get up to date - while stocks last.
Subscribers' page
Get AU delivered to your door.
A chance to voice your opinions.
The Regan Files
John Crick from Crick Computing.
Blobs, Frogs, and lots more to have hours of fun with.
Last of the 3-legged heroes
Building an intelligent transistor tester.
C Tutorial
More about the WIMP C library.
Rambles through the Acorn Wood - Mike Cook
Question time with Mike.
Education News
New educational software releases.
Early reading
Book Project review.
Measuring up
Using computers for measurement.
Seizing the blame
A look at the controversy surrounding epilepsy and computers.
Searching the Internet
How to find what you want using search engines.
Genial genealogy
Ancestry 2, the family tree package reviewed.
The Magic School Bus
Lessons on board the Lindis Technology Bus.
In brief
VT100 Emulator and Paint, Composer, Paper Out, Quicklynk and more.
Anchors aweigh
Linking documents in HTML.
Set-Top Boxes
The Acorn offering, the opposition and the prospects.
How the West was drawn - Walter Briggs
Creating a picture using ProArtisan 240.

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