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Issue 172 : September 1996

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Five pages of up-to-the-minute stories.
New version of Studio 24 Pro released.
What's coming up in the Public Domain.
Webzines and e-zines to check out.
PC page
Power and speed - the more you get ...
A look at the advantages of networking.
Cover disc
A great selection of programs, cheats and demos.
Game Show
New games, cheats and more on adventures.
Free ads
Another page of goodies for sale.
Back issues
Complete your collection while stocks last.
Subscribers' page
Get the magazine delivered to your door.
Air your views on the pages of Acorn User.
The Regan Files
James Gardener from Demon.
Another mind-blowing array of programs and tips.
Tuning in - Mike Cook
Mike visits PC World! Is he a traitor?
C Tutorial
Writing a parachute jump database.
Rambles through the Acorn Wood - Mike Cook
Question time with Mike.
Education Editorial
New releases in the education market.
In the picture
Checking out Picture Book 2.
Gold stars for spelling
A look at Starspell.
Creative Writing
Creating talking books from scratch.
In suspicious circumstances
Victorian Crime and Punishment on CD-ROM.
DTP excellence
Three reviews of Ovation Pro.
Easy reading
A look at the new IMS PC to Acorn readers.
Dutch Acorns
A visit to Acorn Expo 96.
Presenting the right image
Adding pictures to your HTML pages.
A very special school
A visit to West Oakes school in Leeds.
How the West was drawn - Walter Briggs
And yet more, this month using the Big Picture.
Printer survey results
Find out which printer is favourite with Acorn users.

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