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Issue 175 : December 1996

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Four pages of up to the minute news.
Cultivating an exotic crop of textures.
Two pages of PD news, reviews and requests.
Even faster modems.
Business page
A new release of the classic Pipedream.
Importing RTFs plus the new Psions.
Cover Disc
Two disks containing all the regular items plus lots more.
Game Show
Marsquake update plus a new release from Generation Design.
Adventure Games
More adventures with Graham Nelson.
Free Ads
A page crammed full of bargains.
Back issues
Complete your collection while stocks last.
Subscribers' page
Get AU delivered to your door.
Air your views on the pages of Acorn User.
The Regan Files
Diana Freeman from the Advisory Unit: Computers in Education.
Six pages of mind-blowing programs and tips.
The Sound square - Mike Cook
Making music with Mike.
C Tutorial
More on programming the WIMP.
Rambles through Acorn Wood - Mike Cook
More hints and tips.
Education Editorial
The latest from the education world.
By the book
Bookmaker from Resource reviewed.
No wires please
A look at Simple Control from Camboard.
In control
Teaching computer control.
Approaching reality
A look at TopModel.
As sweet as URL?
The ANT Internet Suite Release II reviewed.
StrongARM arrives
Fitting the StrongArm card.
Graphically correct on the Web
Producing graphics for Web pages.
The Ultimate Software tool
The PCA (Plug-in Compliant Application) from Clares.
Not invented here
NetStation compatibility and Active X.
A 'C' breeze
Learn how to assemble arcade games.

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