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Issue 176 : Christmas 1996

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Five pages of up to the minute news.
StrongARM one month on ...
Two pages of PD news, reviews and requests.
Internet Relay Chat plus BBS news.
PC Page
Goodies for the festive season.
Cover Disc
Some excellent utilities and fun games plus content related material.
Game Show
New games out for Christmas.
Arfle barfle gloop
A look at games from Level 9.
Free Ads
A page crammed full of bargains.
Back issues
Complete your collection while stocks last.
Subscribers' page
Get Au delivered to your door.
Air your news, views and opinions on the pages of Acorn User.
The Regan Files
Chris Hughes from the Wakefield Acorn Computer Group.
Six pages of graphical gems and useful utilities.
Get a buzz
Adding a new dimension to blind man's buff.
Rambles through Acorn Wood - Mike Cook
Another question and answer session with Mike.
C for yourself
Building a file format from the ground up.
Education editorial
The latest from the education world.
Pocket marks
NStore for the Pocket Book.
Simple Multimedia
A program that makes multimedia production easier.
Pupils and portables
A Pocket Book per pupil - where?
DrawAid 3
Easier programming for all.
A trio of markers
New time-management tools.
Can you make your computer faster without a StrongARM?
Syquest EZ135
Testing out a removeable hard disc that makes a handy backup system.
A new interface that can expand your mousing capabilities.
Piezo-electric printing
The Epson Stylus Color 500 tested and reviewed.
Enhancing performance
Comparing SCSI and IDE.
Views of Acorn World
What the AU team thought of this year's show.
Does it work?
What runs on the new StrongARM and what doesn't.
Turning the tables
Creating tables in HTML isn't easy but it is clever.
The 1996 Acorn User Awards
Find out who the winners are in this year's poll.
A 'C' Breeze
Part two of the arcade game tutorial.

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