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Issue 177 : January 1997

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Five pages of the latest news.
The future of TopModel.
Public Domain
Two pages of PD news, reviews and requests.
BBS or the Internet - which way now?
Business Page
Upgrade to increase productivity and profits.
A new Acorn notebook.
Cover disc
Xenon II, the superb arcade shoot'em up plus all the regulars.
Game Show
The latest games releases including drifter.
Another World
Games pages on the Internet.
Back issues
Complete your collection while stocks last.
Subscribers' page
Get AU delivered to your door.
Free Ads
Pick up a New Year bargain.
Air your news, views and opinions on the pages of Acorn User.
The Regan Files
Paolo Rossi from Sincronia Soluzioni Multimediali.
Five pages of doodles and ditties.
Lights and action
Controlling DMX standard lights.
Rambles through Acorn Wood - Mike Cook
Mike helps sort out your problems.
C for yourself
Sorting through your data.
Education Editorial
The latest from the education world.
A BETTer show
What's happening at this year's education show.
Choose well; use better
Practical guidelines for choosing educational software.
What type of program is this?
The three versions of TextEase.
Review - Designed to work
HTML applications for the Web designer.
The new Psions
A look at the Siena and the Psion 3c.
On the monitor
The RiscTV expansion card reviewed.
In the land of the long white cloud
Acorn in New Zealand.
What does it all mean?
What will ART's technology bring?
Giving and receiving
HTML servers.
A 'C' breeze
Completing our series on writing arcade games.
10 out of 10 special offer
Send off for a free copy of Essential IT.

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