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Issue 178 : February 1997

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Five pages of the latest Acorn news.
The all-new Artworks plugins.
Public Domain
All the latest from the PD world.
Comms - David Dade
Travels with David and his A4.
PC Column
News of the ESP MIDI synthesiser and WinRisc.
Cover disc
What's on this month's great discs.
Game Show
Discover thermonuclear fun with Tanks.
Nethack and Slay
A look at hack games.
Back issues
Complete your collection while stocks last.
Subscribers' page
Get AU delivered to your door.
Free Ads
Pick up a bargain.
Air your news, views and opinions on the pages of Acorn User.
The Regan Files
Neil Critchell and Mark Watson of Eesox.
Strong Upgrades
Adding drives to your machine.
The first of the Circle Challenge results and much more.
Serial I/O Board
Mike starts a new project to replace an old one.
C for yourself
More sorting techniques described.
Rambles through Acorn Woods - Mike Cook
Questions and answers with Mike.
Education Editorial
The latest from the education world.
A kind of magic
Fun learning with elves and aliens.
iSV moves up a gear
A look at the latest programs from iSV.
Visions of the past
The production of a history project presentation.
Portable prototypes
A look at the Stork and the NewsPad.
Spreadsheet shootout
Comparing three Acorn spreadsheet packages.
The new sound system for hi-fi output.
Chatter box
Introducing Internet Relay Chat.
Top of the form
A look at HTML forms.
I wrote that...
AU talks to Simon Glass.
I wrote that... 2
and Rob Davison.
10 out of 10 offer
Send off for a free copy of Essential IT.

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