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Issue 179 : March 1997

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The latest from the Acorn World.
Enter the hexachrome printing debate.
The latest on the NewsPad.
Business page
The Millennium bug scare.
Public Domain
A special looking at the best demos.
Cover Disc
Play Twin World, the great game from Ubi-soft, plus lots more.
Game Show
Games compatibility on the StrongARM.
Burnt Sienna: Val
What does it all mean?
Back issues
Complete your collection while stocks last.
Subscribers' page
Take advantage of our special subscription deals.
Be heard on the pages of AU.
The Regan Files
AU talks to Stephen Streater of Eidos.
Free ads
To pick up a bargain look on this months disc.
More Circle Challenge results plus plenty of psychedelic sensations.
making it go - Mike Cook
Software for Mike's serial I/O board project.
C for yourself
Reading and writing data.
Rambles through Acorn Wood - Mike Cook
More hints and tips from Mike.
Education Editorial
Find out what's happening in the Education world.
Dream on Mike
Rusty Dreamer from Sherston reviewed.
Round again
CD-ROM reviews.
An eye for detail
Choosing a flatbed scanner.
Making it pay
HardCash from Raspsoft reviewed.
Order out of chaos
Oregan's StudioSound tested.
When is a game not a game?
Two new challenges for the Psion.
Draggie/Menu Bar
Drag down, knock out comparative review of app launchers.
Passing comment
The penultimate HTML tutorial.
I wrote that...
Paul LeBeau, author of the original Acorn Web site.

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