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Issue 180 : April 1997

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The latest happenings in the Acorn World.
A preview of TopModel 2.
Are you being served?
Public Domain
PD on the Net.
PC coloumn
Great news for DOS gamers.
Cover Disc
Spheres of Chaos, Knitting, Audio Mixer - what a collection.
Game Show
Keep up-to-date with the games scene.
Back issues
Complete your collection while stocks last.
Subscribers' page
Take advantage of our special subscription deals.
Be heard on the pages of AU.
The Regan Files
Geoff Titmuss from Softease.
Rambles through the Acorn Wood
More hints and tips from Mike Cook.
A weird and tasty menu from the Daves.
All mixed up
Construct a computer controlled stereo mixer.
C for yourself
Alternative ways of saving data.
Education Editorial
Find out what's happening in the Education world.
Big surprises down at the woods
The New Teddy Bear's Picnic from Sherston.
We have lift off
Launchpad for Learning from CSH reviewed.
New drive on the block
A look at Argo's Iomega Zip drive pack.
Getting into C++
Find the right book about C++ for you.
The non hardware music revolution.
Taking the Strong out of StrongARM
Find out what StrongGuard has to offer.
Get your priorities right
RemindMe from Cherisha reviewed.
Need a rest?
An ergonomic wrist rest put to the test.
Get your PD on CD
The latest collections of PD software.
Acorn virtuality
The first part in our new series about 3D graphics.
In the frame
The last in our HTML series.
I used to be a computer critic
Using your Acorn for business and pleasure.

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