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Issue 181 : May 1997

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All the latest Acorn related happenings.
Welcome to a resolution revolution.
The 23rd Hour BBS plus newsgroup info.
Public Domain
More about the Revelation demo party.
The different functions of DTP and word-processing.
A games round-uo for palm-tops.
Cover Disc
Games, a demo of Finance Manager, the 1997 Acorn User Survey plus lots more.
Games Show
Die Speccy - a review of the ZX Spectrum emulation package.
Back issues
A chance to buy any copies of AU that you've missed.
Free ads
Buy and Sell your Acorn goodies.
Air your views on the pages of AU.
The Regan Files
Chris Evans of CJE Micros.
Rambles through Acorn Wood
Your technical questions answered.
Find out the results of the Cloud Challenge.
Measuring a moving target
Explore the alternating current.
C for yourself
Introducing the basics of sprite handling in the Wimp.
Education Editorial
A page of educational snippets.
Desktop protection
Three programs to protect your hard disc from prying eyes.
New beginnings
Programming with WimpBasic.
Tune into DeskFM
Incorporate an FM radio onto your Acorn machine.
The Web in 3D
A look at QuickTime VR.
Let it ring
Find out who's calling before you pick up.
Balancing the books
Get your finances in order with Finance Manager.
Double the fun
Two new games from TBA.
The best kept secrets
Other uses for education packages.
Acorn virtuality
Move onto the next stage of creating a 3D game.
Best of all possible worlds
Discover where the political parties stand on the future of IT.

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