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Issue 183 : July 1997

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All the latest happenings in the Acorn world.
TopModel 2; Map of the month and new art.
Frobnicate is not a rude word; Gifs and geeks.
Public Domain
Special feature on demos and why they're a good thing.
Made to measure or off the peg software?
Looking at Psion and RTF importing.
Cover disc
Fantasy Formula One and the latest printer drivers.
Game Show
Previewing Shuggy arcade and Arya adventure.
Back issues
Your chance to buy any copies of AU that you've missed.
Free ads
Our free service to help you buy and sell Acorn goodies.
Air your views on the pages of AU.
The Regan Files
AU talks to Trish Hornsey of Inclusive Technology.
Rambles through Acorn Wood
More of your technical questions answered.
More programs, hints, tips and graphical offerings.
Frequency in the balance
Creating a software controlled stereo equaliser.
C for yourself
Extending the C library to provide more facilities.
Education Editorial
A page of educational snippets on NStore and Sherston.
Return of the King
CSH's incredible new Arthur CD reviewed.
Wasting paper
How a product was developed to reduce paper costs.
The A7000+
What's the difference in the new model?
PublishArt 3
Take a look at the latest clip-art collection.
Mr Clippy
Can organising clip-art really be made easy?
Does RISC OS really need another file compressor?
BBC Micro Emulator
Can you really play all the old Beeb Games?
Is this the herald of a new era of RISC OS games?
Plain sailing
What's going on at Acorn now that they're on the up?
Horse trading
Using Acorn's in the factory setting.
The Wakefield Show
We report on the premier Northern Acorn Show.

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