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Issue 184 : August 1997

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All the latest happenings in the Acorn World.
A run-down of the latest DTP developments.
A BBS with maxi ideas plus all the latest comms news.
Public Domain
Xperience demo team interview.
PC Page
PC cards - all you need to know.
Music and audio
The latest sound news.
Cover disc
Battle on with Iron Lord plus try out the demo of EasyPage.
Game Show
A look at games - both old and new.
Back issues
Buy now to complete your collection of Acorn User magazines.
Free ads
Our free service to help you buy and sell Acorn goodies.
Let your views be heard on the pages of Acorn User.
The Regan Files
Mike Saxton of Acorn Computer Enterprises interviewed.
Rambles through Acorn Wood - Mike Cook
Mike helps to sort out your problems.
Find out the winners of the Tunnel Challenge.
Break out your mouse
Control your mouse in an alternative way.
C for yourself
Mastering manual screen drawing.
Educational Editorial
Educational snippets on spreadsheets and networks.
DTP made really easy
EasyPage - design for the very young.
Speel it rite
Two new programs to help improve spelling.
Super Model material?
Has the long wait for TopModel 2 been worth it?
Faster than a speeding glacier?
Adventures with Shuggy
Play the role of an elf on a mission in this new game.
Running before the wind
More interviews with those in the know at New Acorn.
Acorn Club scene
Get involved - join the newly formed Association of Acorn User Groups.
Acorn virtuality
Adding monsters to the arcade madness.

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