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Issue 185 : September 1997

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All the latest happenings in the Acorn World.
Professional colour prints on the cheap.
Join the Viewdata revival.
Public Domain
Era - a new demo from the Xperience.
Business page
Tables and chairs - office essentials.
The latest 'portable' developments.
Cover disc
Play Marsquake II and update your Sherston software.
Game Show
The state of play on the Acorn games scene plus a review of Emotions - Search for Humanity.
back issues
Buy now to complete your collection of AU.
Free ads
Buy and sell your Acorn Goodies.
let your views be heard on the pages of AU.
The Regan Files
AU talks to Gareth and Gavin Simpson from Simtec.
Rambles through Acorn Wood - Mike Cook
Mike tackles more of your problems.
Prepare for attack with this month's *info.
Mind blowing
Mike sets to on a new project.
C for yourself
Introducing Acorn's outline font manager.
Education Editorial
Keep up-to-date with our page of educational snippets.
Arachnid software
Discover the right Web site design tool for you.
Get connected
The first part in our series looking at the NetStation.
All boxed up
A review of Tablemate Designer from Dalriada.
Score well with Music Studio 32
Making music with Logotron.
Bigger and better
Enhance your graphics with ViVID 7000.
Keeping in the picture
How to improve your photography skills.
Unravelling the threads
Need help with your embroidery design? Then read on.
Acorn virtuality
The final part in our series on arcade game creation.

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