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Issue 186 : October 1997

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All the latest happenings in the ever changing Acorn world.
If you want clip art, then look no further...
Fighting the junk e-mail menace.
Public Domain
Read all the goings on at Revelation '97.
PC page
Problems encountered when installing a PC card.
Music and audio page
The latest developments from Q-tec and Oreganda - a mailing list for music audio fans.
Cover disc
From an Apple II emulator to Music Studio 32 - it's all here.
Game Show
Is the games drought finally over? Plus a review of a C64 emulator.
Back issues
Buy now to complete your collection of Acorn User.
Air your views on the pages of AU.
Free Ads
Pick up a bargain.
The Regan Files
Edward Detyna of the Electronic Font Foundry interviewed.
Rambles through Acorn Wood
Mike Cook tackles more of your problems and difficulties.
Another varied assortment of your creations.
How do you make a cross assembler?
Producing the files to feed the blower from last month's project.
C for yourself
Paint your screen with fonts.
Education Editorial
Keep up-to-date with our page of educational snippets.
Write on!
All about handwriting and more.
Rocking and reeling
Need a MIDI sequencer Studio? MidiWorks could be for you.
Checking out the NetStation
We take a more in depth look at Acorn's Internet navigator.
The art of conversation
Chat using iXRC - a new IRC client.
Psion's famous five
The latest release from Psion tested.
Making sense out of statistics
Using stats to your advantage.
Success stories
A new series meeting key companies in the Acorn market.
Acorn World 97
All the latest news and information.
Blowing away the cobwebs
Our new series on creating and maintaining a Web site.

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