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Issue 188 : December 1997

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Find out what's new and improved in the Acorn world.
Thoughts on the future and a ship of the imagination.
Frode M. Wells, owner of the Miami Risc PC.
Public Domain
Catch up on all the latest PD news.
PC page
Catch up on all the latest PD news.
Sega ARMed for sound, DMI card takeover.
Cover disc and CD
What's on the cover disc and how to access the CD.
Free Ads
The place to go for bargain hunters.
Game Show
Get up to date with our games news.
Back issues
Buy now to complete your collection of Acorn User.
Air your views on the pages of Acorn User.
The Regan Files
Keith Faulkner of Alsystems flies high.
Rambles through Acorn Wood - Mike Cook
Mike tackles more of your problems.
Rescuing lost ram, and late tunnel entries.
Run the Risc
First part of the weather satellite decoder system.
C for yourself
Even more font control to make it so much easier.
Diary of a somebody
How to use free software for kids diary work.
CDs with PD
Two CDs containing PD software and clip-art reviewed.
Procopy and Textfind
Two utilities to make life easier for computer users.
Cup of Java
We take a sip at the language that is most likely to succeed.
Zyris explained
The new business venture from Acorn veterans.
In business
Three companies that use Acorns to run things.
Free Internet access?
Find out how you can get Internet e-mail for free.
Composite characters
Find out about fonts - scaffolding kerning and weights.
Blowing away the cobwebs - part 3
Final thoughts on creating and effective Web site.

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