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Issue 189 : Christmas 1997

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Find out all that's new in the Acorn world.
Graphical highlights from Acorn World '97.
BBSs old and new.
Public Domain
Catch up on all the latest PD news.
Business page
Top 10 list of Christmas gifts.
Organising your Pocket book.
Cover disc
Details of all that's on the cover discs.
Game Show
We talk to Artex Software about their new game and look at MAME - the arcade games emulator.
Back issues
Buy now to complete your collection of Acorn User.
A chance for you, the reader to air your views.
The Regan Files
We talk to Tony Tolver from T J Reproductions.
Another selection of your proglets.
Rambles through Acorn Wood - Mike Cook
Mike tackles more of your problems.
Run the Risc
Second part of our satellite decoder system.
C for yourself
An overview of the printing process.
Education Editorial
Educational news update.
A welcome return for Spex
New developments to the 3D modelling program.
Picture this
A look at the latest additions to the PictureBase series.
Hard Connections
The latest SCSI cards compared.
Better music
Find out all about the new features of Sibelius.
Drawing conclusions
RiscCAD Professional is put through its paces.
More on TV
The latest additions to RiscTV.
Bridge over troubled water
Make creating a Web page a learning experience.
Success stories
Discover the makings of Argo.
Impressions of Acorn World 97
Find out what went on at this year's show.
The truth is on the disc
A CD which explores the world of the supernatural and the unexplained.

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