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Issue 190 : January 1998

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Find out all that's new in the Acorn World.
Manipulating text into artwork successfully.
Graphics service for Acorn users on the Internet.
Public Domain
Abuse on the Risc PC.
PC page
PC advice and problems solved.
Music and Audio
A new multimedia audio system.
Cover disc
Details of all that's on the cover discs.
Game Show
A blast from the pas on the games scene.
Back issues
Buy now to complete your collection of Acorn User.
A chance for you, the reader, to air your views.
The Regan Files
We talk to Martin Wuerthner.
More reader contributions to keep you entertained.
Rambles through Acorn Wood
Mike Cook tackles more of your problems.
Run the Risc
Third part of the weather satellite decoder system.
C for yourself
More about printing from within the WIMP.
Education Editorial
Educational news update.
BETT '98 preview
Details of the main educational event of the year.
Primary document processing
The latest version of the Pendown wordprocessor.
Breaking the sound barrier
ESP's software only MIDI synthesiser.
Barring the way
The barcode revolution explored.
A font above the rest
Want professional Typography? Find out how.
A different dimension
A new series exploring graphics techniques in games.
CD goings on
Creating the AU cover CD-ROM.
Members only
An update of the Acorn club scene with the AAUG.

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